MoXXie Bike Club(TM) Welcomes All Women!

MoXXie Bike ClubTM

Bicyclists of Amsterdam 1 (Set)

This Saturday, MoXXie Bike ClubTM will be giving away a $15.00 gift certificate to a grocery store!  Come ride with the club!

MoXXie Bike ClubTM Welcomes All Women of all ages!

Do you like helping other people?

Do you appreciate all people as having value and something important to say?

You answered, “Yes!!!”  Woot!  Wahoo!  Yippy!  You are perfect for joining MoXXie Bike ClubTM!  That’s because people like you make the best kind of friends!

MoXXie Bike ClubTM is a club in St. Petersburg, Florida, that exists to help women find friends, provide socializing, and burn off some calories in a fun way.  We women love reading groups, potlucks, watching movies together, and so many more things.  But, we need some activity to burn calories.

MoXXie Bike ClubTM also exists to provide us with a way to help!  Help ourselves, our children, other people!  What is your special cause?  How can we all join together with you to help make this a better world for everyone?

If you have children, feel free to bring them with you so they can have fun with you!  No one is too slow!  No one will be left behind!  Because we’re here to be friends!  Women of all ages and income, marital, and other situations are welcome!  Bring your hybrid, beach cruiser, fixie, or whatever you have for a bicycle!

If you know of anyone who would like to start or already has started a men’s bicycle club, let MoXXie Bike ClubTM know.  We would like to let other people know about your club.

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Ginger Ninjas Band Tours On Bicycles!

How do you have a band and not use oil or electricity?

Ask the Ginger Ninjas!

Their Pleasant Revolution tour began in 2007 and ended in early 2012, according to their website.  Traveling from one performance to the next, the route took the band from northern California to southern Mexico.  The group carried all equipment by bicycle and bicycle trailer.  Using extremely efficient amplifiers and other electronic equipment, the Ginger Ninjas were able to power their equipment, during performances, using bicycle-powered generators.

Are you interested in starting a tour and don’t have a huge music company behind you, contact the Ginger Ninjas for advice!

Performing in English and Spanish, check out their music style:

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Bicycles Empowering Girls To Stay In School! Part 2

Bihar School

Bihar School (Photo credit: stevewright316)

(see Part 1)

To fight the problem, Bihar’s government started a program in 2007 that gives free bicycles to teenage girls so that they can get to high school.  The program has been incredibly successful with the number of girls registered in the 9th grade more than tripling in only four years, from 175,000 to 600,000.

It’s been so successful, a few other poor states in India have started similar programs, and India’s government is interested in implementing the program across the country.

The bicycles are also helping to elevate the status of the girls in a country where daughters are regarded much less than sons.  Thanks to these girls, their poor families are receiving a valuable asset that can be used by other family members when the girls aren’t in school.

Related bicycle news:  Free Bicycles Help Keep Indian Girls in School

MoXXie Bike ClubTM thanks Jose Menendez for providing the above information!

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Bicycles Empowering Girls To Stay In School! Part 1

Bihar, the state in India where majority of Bi...

Bihar, the state in India where majority of Bihari People live (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s some great bicycle-related news!  As we all know, there are many benefits of using bicycles for transportation, but I came across a news article that explains how bikes are being used to empower girls to stay in school on a massive scale.

It’s happening in Bihar, one of the poorest states in India, where most teenage girls were dropping out instead of going to high school and where the female literacy rate of 53% is more than 20 percentage points below the male literacy rate.

The main reason the girls were dropping out is that Bihar’s high schools are relatively few and far between, and too many poor girls’ families couldn’t afford transportation for them, e.g. daily bus fare, and were afraid to let them walk long distances to school.  (see Part 2)

MoXXie Bike ClubTM thanks Jose Menendez for providing the above information!

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Appreciating Hot Summers

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 27:  A bicycle is buri...

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 27: A bicycle is buried in snow in the early morning hours in Manhattan's East Village December 27, 2010 in New York City. A winter storm is pounding the East Coast of the United States and is expected to deliver a foot of snow for New York City and New England while snarling post-Christmas travel. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

The hot summer days are eating us alive!  We hide in our homes, cars, and work places!

Maybe, it’s time to remember those cold months so that we can appreciate the hot months.

For additional cold bicycling, check out Ice Bike!

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